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Artesa  FAMILY

We specialize in supplying high quality, trailblazing diamonds, with the utmost perfection after many screening processes.

We also customize jewelry according to our customer's needs and preferences.Our inventories include diamonds of various cuts, sizes & also a huge variety of pre-designed jewelry to choose from.

The most common ,the most brillant,the most beautiful and the most sold is this special round cut which can be customised to the limits of the sky .
Round Cut
The name itself talks about the speciality of this cut .Contact Artesa & co for this cut
Princess Cut
The blood of royalty flows from this emerald cut with the most amazing finish and look.Exclusively available at Artesa & co.
Emerald Cut
Ascher cut which is the most liked by men and most sober piece available at Artesa & Co.
Ascher Cut 
The golden oldies are yet back in action to take back their trend of Marquise cut exclusively available at Artesa & Co.
Marquise Cut
The most common yet the most beautiful oval cut available from Artesa & co.
Oval Cut
A marvlelous piece of Radiant cut by Artesa & co.Trending in the heritage line of Jewellery in the whole world

Radiant Cut

A marvlelous piece of Pear cut by Artesa and co.

Pear Cut

A marvlelous piece of Heart cut by Artesa and co.

Heart Cut

A marvlelous piece of cushion cut by Artesa and co.

Cushion Cut

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