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Prajwal Agrawal is a proud partner of Artesa & co. which is specialises in diamond and highly customised jewellery

Prajwal Agrawal

PD Agrawal


Our Directors believe that the strength we draw, and the cultural diversity, the hunger, the dynamism of India sets us apart like no other. They believe that the high-end jewellery pieces consistently draw inspiration from a thread of thought, that is embellishing the 'Woman of today' with elegant & perfected jeweled creations.

The image is a mild defination of how a great stone from the core of this earth turns into a reflection of a defined perfection

"Reflection of Perfection"

" The ambiance of providing perfection with a reflection of a defined work "

The Essence 

Giving a celebration of love with every exquisite piece of jewelry. The Elegant representation formed by the love and affection for their custom piece of jewelry is a beautiful feeling of two elements in nature. 

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